A Weekend Introduction to Temple Theology

Two days to explore one of the most exciting and significant recent development in Biblical theology

Themes covered:

  • The correspondences between the Temple (and Tabernacle) and the cosmos
  • The ways in which the Temple makes possible a recovery of the lost world of Eden
  • The nature of human identity, visionary experiences and worship in the Temple that is a portal between heaven and earth.


Sat. 23rd-Sun 24th June.

  • Sat. 23rd June, 9:00–18:00 + evening meal (additional guests welcome).
  • Sun. 24th June, 9:00–16:00


The teacher—Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis — is the Director of Whymanity Research and Training. Teaching will draw on Crispin’s internationally-recognised biblical scholarship and his pioneering work in the field of Temple Theology.

Worship will be led by Neil Bennetts.


At Crispin and Mary’s house, Camelot, in the western Cotswolds, between Cheltenham and Evesham (more details on registration).

Set at the end of a quiet private lane, Camelot is surrounded by trees and farmland. The river Isbourne runs through the grounds, that are host to abundant wildlife — trout, ducks, kingfishers, heron, woodpeckers, red kite, buzzard, muntjac deer, foxes, a stoat, an occasional otter, frogs, newts.


We will keep you fed, watered, during teaching hours:

  • Lunch c. 13:00-14:00 both days
  • Light refreshments both mornings and Saturday afternoon.
  • Saturday evening meal


There is limited overnight accommodation available chez Fletcher-Louis.




No prior theological qualifications necessary.

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