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This is a repeat of the training days in London (Nov 17 and Feb 18).

A Saturday Deep Dive into Jesus’ Teaching on Relationships, Community and Culture

A day to explore the meaning of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, especially:

  • His understanding of the glorious potential and fragility of human hearts and minds.
  • His incisive analysis of the keys to successful relationships and community.
  • His vision for the high priesthood of all believers.


Sat. 21st April, 2018

  • 9:30–5:30     main teaching
  • 5:45–7:00     worship + ministry
  • 7:00–8:00     light supper


The main teacher—Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis — is the Director of Whymanity Research and Training. Teaching will draw on Crispin’s internationally-recognised expertise as a biblical scholar, his current research project on the earliest beliefs about Jesus’ divine identity, and his ongoing interest in the relationship between theology and business.

Training facilitation: Karen Murray.

Worship will be led by the Neil Bennetts.


At Crispin and Mary’s house, Camelot, in the western Cotswolds, between Cheltenham and Evesham (more details on registration).

Set at the end of a quiet private lane, Camelot is surrounded by trees and farmland. The river Isbourne runs through the grounds, that are host to abundant wildlife — trout, ducks, kingfishers, heron, woodpeckers, red kite, buzzard, muntjac deer, foxes, a stoat, an occasional otter, frogs, newts.


Teaching, lunch, light supper and refreshments: £57.73


No prior theological qualifications necessary.

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